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New Hires and Promotions

February 2018

02/11/2018- Mark Blees, Sergeant - Ouachita Unit
02/11/2018- John Cartwright, Sergeant - Varner Unit
02/11/2018- Brandon Davis, Lieutenant - Maximum Security Unit
02/11/2018- Jimmy Fields, Sergeant - Grimes Unit
02/11/2018- Dorothy Griffin, Sergeant - Ouachita Unit
02/11/2018- Kramer Jones, Sergeant - McPherson Unit
02/11/2018- Taylor Landers, Sergeant - Tucker Unit
02/11/2018- Daryl Morris, Sergeant - East Arkansas Regional Unit
02/11/2018- Matthew Simmons, Sergeant - McPherson Unit
02/11/2018- LindaSue Souther, Sergeant - Maximum Security Unit
02/11/2018- Phillip Suell, Lieutenant - Tucker Unit
02/11/2018- Bryan Thurman, Sergeant - Tucker Unit
02/11/2018- Jasmine Troup, Sergeant - East Arkansas Regional Unit
02/11/2018- Kimberly Walton-Oliver, Sergeant - East Arkansas Regional Unit
02/11/2018- Darrell White, Sergeant - McPherson Unit

New Hires
02/11/2018- David Hartsfield, Maintenance Technician - Tucker Unit
02/11/2018- Jane Runkle, Public Information Specialist - Central Office
02/11/2018- Susan York, Sergeant - Central Transportation
02/12/2018- Daniel Wantulok, Computer Support Technician - IT/Grimes Unit

January 2018

 1/14/2018-Shay Baker Sergeant Varner Unit
 1/14/2018-Sarah Gay Sergeant McPherson Unit
 1/14/2018-Corey Haynie Sergeant Cummins Unit
 1/14/2018-David Kelley Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
 1/14/2018-Devin Thorne Sergeant Grimes Unit
 1/14/2018-Mario Trobradovic Sergeant Ouachita Unit
 1/14/2018-Andre Williams Captain Delta Regional Unit
 1/21/2018-Christopher Johnson Deputy Warden Cummins Unit
 1/21/2018-Steven Ricketts Deputy Warden Grimes Unit
 1/21/2018-Ricky Thorne Industrial Supervisor II Industry/EARU

New Hires
 1/16/2018-Carshun Westbrook Sergeant East AR Regional Unit
 1/21/2018-Nicholas Farrell Classification & Assignment Officer East Arkansas Regional Unit
 1/21/2018-Chad McNew Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Ouachita River Unit
 1/21/2018-Cecily Wilborn Administrative Specialist I East Arkansas Regional Unit
 1/22/2018-Holly Sidwell Fiscal Support Specialist AAE/Inmate Banking
 1/22/2018-Kenneth Woodson Industrial Supervisor I Industry/Wrightsville Unit

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