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New Hires and Promotions



 10/1/2017-James Booth Jr Sergeant Tucker Unit
 10/1/2017-Earnest Hester Lieutenant Varner Unit
 10/1/2017-Doris Johnson Fiscal Support Analyst Administration East
 10/1/2017-Joseph Mahoney Sergeant Varner Unit
 10/1/2017-Sherley Owney Lieutenant Ester Unit
 10/8/2017-Jacqueline Buterbaugh Disease Intervention Specialist Central Office
 10/8/2017-Randall Curtis Lieutenant Varner Unit
 10/8/2017-Sean Everett Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
 10/8/2017-James Gardner Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
 10/8/2017-Justin Holstead Sergeant Cummins Unit
 10/8/2017-Robert Hutcheson Sergeant Ouachita Unit
 10/8/2017-Itena Jackson Substance Lieutenant Varner Unit
 10/8/2017-Lonzo Randolph Sergeant Cummins Unit
 10/8/2017-Charles Ray Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
 10/8/2017-Seth Simmons Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
 10/8/2017-Corey Thomas Sergeant Ester Unit
 10/13/2017-Brandon Carroll Major Varner Unit
  New Hires
 10/2/2017-Peggie Hence-Jones Administrative Specialist I Tucker Unit
 10/2/2017-William Joslin Industrial Supervisor I Industry
 10/2/2017-Lanita Pruitt Food Preparation Supervisor  Wrightsville Unit
 10/2/2017-Pamela Purser Food Preparation Supervisor Mississippi Co Work Release
 10/2/2017-Maria Tripp Food Preparation Supervisor Varner Unit
 10/2/2017-Roy Williams Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
 10/4/2017-Cornelius Christopher Lieutenant Varner Unit
 10/9/2017-Shonell Gladney Administrative Specialist I Grimes Unit
 10/9/2017-Jeffery Wolf Construction Project Specialist Construction




9/1/2017-Telly Gray Captain Tucker Unit
9/1/2017-Clinton Whitworth Sergeant Benton Unit
9/3/2017-Darren Daniels Sergeant Varner Unit
9/3/2017-Connie Dunkin Program Specialist Ouachita River Unit
9/3/2017-LaSandra McCullough Licensed Master Social Worker Mental Health/ORU
9/4/2017-Robert King Director of Maintenance Construction/Tucker
9/7/2017-William Nickels Sergeant NW Arkansas Work Release Center
9/10/2017-Marvin Barnett Rehabilitation Program Manager Mental Health/EARU
9/10/2017-Kathey Baxter Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
9/10/2017-Richard Cohoon Sergeant North Central Unit
9/10/2017-Darrick Hill Captain Cummins Unit
9/10/2017-Corey Johnson Project Specialist  Construction
9/10/2017-Rashad Nalls Sergeant Cummins Unit
9/10/2017-Joseph Rushing Sergeant Pine Bluff Unit
9/10/2017-Dimitric Robinson Sergeant Delta Regional Unit
9/17/2017-Daryl Graydon Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
9/17/2017-Melissa James Administrative Review Officer McPherson Unit
9/17/2017-Jensine Kissinger Sergeant Cummins Unit
9/17/2017-Murrisha Leon Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
9/17/2017-Shawna Precord Sergeant Benton Work Release
9/24/2017-Ned Butler Sergeant Varner Unit
9/24/2017-Nedra Donley Sergeant Delta Regional Unit
9/24/2017-Falandus Graydon Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
9/24/2017-Tasha Griffin Lieutenant Cummins Unit
9/24/2017-Felicia Hatcher Unit Training Supervisor Maximum Security Unit
9/24/2017-Cassie Holloway Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
9/24/2017-Lucas House Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
9/24/2017-Arthur Johnson Administrative Analyst Construction
9/24/2017-Myhesia Jones Sergeant Cummins Unit
9/24/2017-Yolanda Linsy Captain Varner Unit
9/24/2017-Corey Lowery Lieutenant Varner Unit
9/24/2017-Dana McCoy Sergeant Tucker Unit
9/24/2017-Kenneth Pruitt Lieutenant Tucker Unit
9/24/2017-Tommie Robinson Sergeant Delta Regional Unit
9/24/2017-Christie Simpson Sergeant Delta Regional Unit
9/24/2017-Freddy Thompson Sergeant Cummins Unit
9/24/2017-Thomas Weindruch Lieutenant Transportation

New Hires

9/4/2017-Paul Wylie Computer Support Technician Information Technology/AAE
9/5/2017-Aaron Cooper Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Construction
9/5/2017-Karen Lawrence Administrative Specialist I Ouachita River Unit
9/5/2017-Mary Lawson Fiscal Support Specialist Purchasing/AAE
9/5/2017-Robin McClellan Administrative Specialist I Construction/EARU
9/5/2017-Judith Young Administrative Specialist I Ouachita River Unit
9/11/2017-Velma Barnes Classification and Assignment Officer Pine Bluff Unit
9/11/2017-Tammy Cook Food Preparation Supervisor NW Arkansas Work Release Center
9/11/2017-Candice Jernigan Commissary Manager Mississippi Co Work Release Center
9/11/2017-Tonya McFadden Administrative Specialist I Tucker Unit
9/18/2017-Beverly Joshua Substance Abuse Program Leader Mental Health/Wrightsville
9/19/2017-Charlotte Mullins Administrative Specialist I East Arkansas Regional Unit
9/25/2017-Roxie Brockmam Fiscal Support Specialist Administration East
9/25/2017-Gene Franks Maintenance Technician Construction
9/25/2017-Perry Robinson Advisor Mental Health/Ouachita River Unit
9/25/2017-Adell Taylor Administrative Specialist I Construction

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