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Retirement News

March 2016 Retirees

Ricky Brooks  -  Pine Bluff Unit  -   03/01/2016    
Kermit Bartlett  -  McPherson Unit  -  03/01/2016
Mike Wynn  -  Compliance  -  03/19/2016

February 2016 Retirees

Tony Barnes  -  EARU  -  02-01-2016
James Gibson  -  Wrightsville  -  02-01-2016
Joseph Henderson  -  Wrightsville  -  02-01-2016
Barbara Lloyd  -  Admin East  -  02-13-2016

Barbara Lloyd

Barbara Lloyd’s retirement reception was held February 9, 2016, at Administration East Accounting Control. Director Kelley presented Barbara with her 30-year plaque.  Mike Carraway spoke of Lloyd’s special qualities and how she was going to be missed.  Rick Norton presented Lloyd with an Honorary Inmate Certificate.  Lamont Wimbley (former accounting employee) presented her with a special poem he wrote full of memories from various co-workers.  She also received 30 roses for 30 years from her family.

Barbara Lloyd        Barbara Lloyd

James ‘Hoot’ Gibson

James ‘Hoot’ Gibson retired from the Arkansas Department of Correction on February 1, 2016.  
In retirement, he plans to golf, fish, umpire, and spend more time with his family.

James ‘Hoot’ Gibson     James ‘Hoot’ Gibson

January 2016 Retirees

Jimmy Banks  -  Grimes  -  01-01-2016
Robert Canady  -  Cummins  -  01-30-2016
Clayton Cochran  -  NCU  -  01-28-2016
Don Hudson  -  McPherson  -  01-01-2016
William Ivory  -  EARU  -  01-01-2016
Paul Killian  -  NCU  -  01-01-2016
Theresa Malvin  -  Wrightsville  -  01-01-2016
Minnie Rhodes  -  Delta  -  01-31-2016
Shunda Sims  -  Wrightsville  -  01-01-2016
Jacqueline Singleton  -  RLW  -  01-01-2016
Brenda Swygart  -  Cummins  -  01-01-2016

Warden Jimmy Banks

Warden Jimmy Banks retired on December 31, 2015 with 30 years of service to the Arkansas Department of Correction.  The Newport Complex staff honored Banks by presenting him with a rocking chair, years of service plaque, and a briefcase as parting gifts.

Banks’ family and friends gathered to enjoy refreshments and share their fondest memories as well as some of his favorite quotes throughout his employment with the ADC. 

Warden Jimmy Banks

December 2015 Retirees

Kay Howell  -  Benton  -  12-01-2015
Joe Traylor  -  RLW  -  12-01-2015
Audrey Bush  -  Pine Bluff Unit  -  12-01-2015
Karen Bottoms  -  Cummins  -  12-01-2015
Edwin Fowler  -  Construction  -  12-01-2015
Floyd Brantley  -  ORU  -  12-19-2015
Wernetha Lyons  -  Max Unit  -  12-25-2015

Lt. Floyd Brantley

After having worked for the Arkansas Department of Corrections for 30-plus years, Lt. Floyd Brantley retired effective December 18, 2015.  Lt. Brantley started his career with the ADC as a Corectional Officer at the Cummins Unit in October 1984. In 1986, he was promoted to sergeant and transferred to the Maximum Security Unit at Tucker.  As a sergeant, he also worked at the Delta Unit.  He was promoted to Lieutenant over Regional Maintenance at the Delta Unit in 2000 and transferred to Ouachita River Correctional Unit in June 2003.

Lt. Brantley’s retirement plans include turkey hunting, relaxing and spending time in his rocking chair.
All of us at ORCU wish Lt. Brantley the best, and we sincerely hope he knows how much he will be missed..

Lt. Floyd Brantley

November 2015 Retirees

Steven Williams  -  Varner  -  11-01-2015

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