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New Hires and Promotions

January 2018

  1/14/2018-Shay Baker Sergeant Varner Unit
  1/14/2018-Sarah Gay Sergeant McPherson Unit
  1/14/2018-Corey Haynie Sergeant Cummins Unit
  1/14/2018-David Kelley Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
  1/14/2018-Devin Thorne Sergeant Grimes Unit
  1/14/2018-Mario Trobradovic Sergeant Ouachita Unit
  1/14/2018-Andre Williams Captain Delta Regional Unit
  1/21/2018-Christopher Johnson Deputy Warden Cummins Unit
  1/21/2018-Steven Ricketts Deputy Warden Grimes Unit
  1/21/2018-Ricky Thorne Industrial Supervisor II Industry/EARU
  1/28/2018-Douglas Boultinghouse Captain Varner Unit
  1/28/2018-Joseph Carlton Sergeant Tucker Unit
  1/28/2018-Tammy Davis Food Preparation Manager McPherson Unit
  1/28/2018-Paul Harris Lieutenant East Arkansas Regional Unit
  1/28/2018-Latoya Johnson Lieutenant Cummins Unit
  1/28/2018-Kendalynn Newborn Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
  1/28/2018-Kayla Noel-Emsweller Records Supervisor AAE/Central Records
  1/28/2018-Roshane Powell Sergeant Central Transportation
  1/28/2018-Christopher Stump Sergeant Grimes Unit
  1/28/2018-Wesley Wilmoth Lieutenant McPherson Unit
  1/30/2018-Clyde Daniel Major Cummins Unit

New Hires
  1/16/2018-Carshun Westbrook Sergeant East AR Regional Unit
  1/21/2018-Nicholas Farrell Classification & Assignment Officer East Arkansas Regional Unit
  1/21/2018-Chad McNew Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Ouachita River Unit
  1/21/2018-Cecily Wilborn Administrative Specialist I East Arkansas Regional Unit
  1/22/2018-Holly Sidwell Fiscal Support Specialist AAE/Inmate Banking
  1/22/2018-Kenneth Woodson Industrial Supervisor I Industry/Wrightsville Unit
  1/28/2018-Beverly Brashers Administrative Specialist I McPherson Unit
  1/28/2018-Willie Murry Sergeant Varner Unit
  1/29/2018-Kerri Kocourek Program Specialist McPherson Unit
  1/29/2018-Joyce Reynolds Administrative Specialist I Tucker Unit
  1/29/2018-Deloris Rodriguez Food Preparation Supervisor Mississippi County Work Release
  1/29/2018-Eric Thomas Advisor Mental Health/Varner Unit


 12/03/2017-Justin Barbee-Smith Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
 12/03/2017-Jeremy Bratton Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
 12/03/2017-Jerry Cobb Advisor Mental Health/McPherson Unit
 12/03/2017-Lynette Fain Sergeant Varner Unit
 12/03/2017-Kenneth Frazier Sergeant Varner Unit
 12/03/2017-Lawrence Goodloe Sergeant Varner Unit
 12/03/2017-Daniel Laminack Lieutenant Randall L. Williams Unit
 12/03/2017-Daphne McCoy Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
 12/03/2017-Paul Miller Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
 12/03/2017-Cleavette Sloan Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
 12/03/2017-Missally Williams Sergeant Varner Unit
 12/04/2017-Candice Seay Administrative Specialist II North Central Unit
 12/11/2017-Charles Ballard Industry Program Manager Industry/Tucker Unit
 12/12/2017-Amber Hunter Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
 12/17/2017-Arthur Brown Jr Sergeant Cummins Unit
 12/17/2017-Carlos Caver Lieutenant Tucker Unit
 12/17/2017-Karneisha Daniels Sergeant Tucker Unit
 12/17/2017-Wonda Davis Lieutenant Tucker Unit
 12/17/2017-Sedrick Franklin Sergeant Varner Unit
 12/17/2017-Lisa Green Corporal Mississippi County WR Unit
 12/17/2017-Angela Haynie Sergeant Cummins Unit
 12/17/2017-Latoria Hull Sergeant East AR Regional Unit
 12/17/2017-Lorrenda Jordan Lieutenant Ouachita River Unit
 12/17/2017-Dennis McGinnis Sergeant McPherson Unit
 12/17/2017-Jason Ming Captain McPherson Unit
 12/17/2017-John Munn Lieutenant East AR Regional Unit

New Hires
 12/03/2017-Synedra Gibson Administrative Specialist I Cummins Unit
 12/10/2017-Jeanette Forrest Licensed Master Social Worker Mental Health/EARU
 12/10/2017-Gloria Tinzie Administrative Specialist I East AR Regional Unit
 12/11/2017-Matthew Howell Licensed Master Social Worker Mental Health/ORU
 12/12/2017-Tinika Daniels Advisor Mental Health/EARU
 12/12/2017-Carla Robinson Administrative Specialist I Ouachita Unit
 12/18/2017-David Harris Construction Project Supervisor Construction Unit
 12/21/2017-Bridgett Hart Administrative Specialist I Ouachita Unit


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