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New Hires and Promotions

April 2017


4/2/2017- Oscar Maldonado Sergeant NW Arkansas Work Release
4/2/2017- Celena Spears Internal Affairs Investigator Central Office
4/9/2017- Sharon Davis-Foots Substance Abuse Program Leader Mental Health/Wrightsville Unit
4/9/2017- Christopher Pittillo Recreational Activity Supervisor Delta Unit
4/9/2017-  Michael Richardson Captain McPherson Unit
4/9/2017 - Ian Ward Sergeant North Central Unit
4/10/2017- Breann Cowgill Classification & Assignment Officer North Central Unit
4/23/2017- Devonte Battles Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
4/23/2017 -April Bogan Commissary Manager East Arkansas Regional Unit
4/23/2017 -Jalisa Brown Sergeant  Wrightsville Unit
4/23/2017 -Zachary Cosner Software Support Analyst Information Technology
4/23/2017- Curtis Davis Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
4/23/2017- Stacy Douglas Unit Training Supervisor East Arkansas Regional Unit
4/23/2017- Amanda Granger Lieutenant East Arkansas Regional Unit
4/23/2017- Ebony Harris Unit Accreditation Specialist  Ouachita River Unit
4/23/2017- Scott Horner Agriculture Unit Supervisor II Farm
4/23/2017- Nakkia McKinnie Unit Training Supervisor Tucker Unit
4/23/2017- John McLelland  Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
4/23/2017- Maqez Nailer Sergeant Cummins Unit
4/23/2017- Michael Nelson Sergeant Pine Bluff Unit
4/23/2017- Nicholas Swiney Sergeant Cummins Unit
4/23/2017- Adam Vick Sergeant Maximum Security
4/23/2017- Carolyn Wallace Sergeant Varner Supermax
4/23/2017- Andre Williams Lieutenant Delta Regional Unit
4/24/2017- Lakisha Lee Administrative Specialist II Central Office
4/30/2017- Terry Fulfer Sergeant North Central Unit

New Hires

4/3/2017-   Cash McCarty Computer Support Technician IT
4/10/2017- Brittany Branch Administrative Specialist I Mental Health/East Arkansas Regional Unit
4/10/2017- Kelsey Kearney Inmate Grievance Coordinator Maximum Security Unit
4/10/2017- Brandy Moss Business Operations Specialist Mississippi Co Work Release
4/17/2017- Mary Littles Administrative Specialist I Ouachita River Unit
4/17/2017- Carlos Caver Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
4/24/2017- Inez Edwards Records Supervisor Maximum Security Unit
4/24/2017- Jerri Martin Administrative Specialist II East Arkansas Regional Unit
4/24/2017- Randi Paul Administrative Specialist I Ouachita River Unit


March 2017


3/5/2017- Gregory Green- Sergeant-Tucker Unit
3/5/2017- Hunter Neal-  Sergeant-Maximum Security Unit
3/5/2017- Ramone Woodall- Unit Training Supervisor- Maximum Security Unit
3/12/2017-Tyler Ahrenstorff- Sergeant-McPherson Unit
3/12/2017-Angela Buchanna- Human Resources Assistant- Varner Unit
3/12/2017-Heather Case- Sergeant- McPherson Unit
3/12/2017-Kyle Foster- Sergeant- McPherson Unit
3/12/2017-Michael Hankins- Sergeant- Cummins Unit
3/12/2017-Lonetta Howard- Unit Accreditation Specialist- East Arkansas Regional Unit
3/12/2017-Garry Jenkins- Food Preparation Manager- Tucker Unit
3/12/2017-Travis Norton- Lieutenant-Pine Bluff Unit
3/12/2017-Curtis Petty-Sergeant- Mississippi Co Work Release
3/12/2017-Synitrious Rose-Sergeant-East Arkansas Regional Unit
3/12/2017-Wilfred Senter-Sergeant-Transportation/Wrightsville Unit
3/12/2017-Wayne Welchman- Food Preparation Supervisor-Ouachita River Unit
3/12/2017-Kevin Willis- Sergeant- McPherson Unit
3/13/2017-Matthew Lyles- Sergeant- East Arkansas Regional Unit
3/13/2017-Jacqueline Matthews- Sergeant- East Arkansas Regional Unit
3/13/2017-Tanya Richardson- Purchasing Specialist- Purchasing/AAE
3/13/2017-Kalisha Willis- Administrative Specialist II- Wrightsville Unit
3/19/2017-Karen McSpadden- Food Preparation Supervisor- McPherson Unit
3/20/2017-Jacqueline Davis- Commissary Manager- Maximum Security
3/26/2017-William Caldwell-Assistant Maintenance Supervisor-Construction/Grimes Unit
3/26/2017-Aaron Cooper-Assistant Maintenance Supervisor-Construction/Benton Unit
3/26/2017-Tammy Courtney-Sergeant-Pine Bluff Unit
3/26/2017-Latonya Crossley-Earl-Sergeant-Pine Bluff Unit
3/26/2017-Phillip Davis-Sergeant-Ouachita River Unit
3/26/2017-Katrina Evans-Sergeant-Grimes Unit
3/26/2017-Latasha Green-Sergeant-Tucker Unit
3/26/2017-Ar’Mani Johnson-Sergeant-Maximum Security Unit
3/26/2017-Robert King-Assistant Maintenance Supervisor-Construction/Tucker Unit
3/26/2017-Chance Norris-Captain-Delta Regional Unit
3/26/2017-Veronica Powell-Sergeant-Pine Bluff Unit
3/26/2017-Kevin Robbins-Assistant Maintenance Supervisor-Construction/Cummins Unit
3/26/2017-Rodger Stewart-Director of Maintenance-Construction/Ester Unit
3/26/2017-Bryan Thurman-Sergeant-Maximum Security Unit
3/27/2017-Shirley Brasfield-Human Resources Coordinator-Tucker Unit
3/27/2017-Kathy Dias-Administrative Specialist II-AAE/Purchasing
3/27/2017-William Farmer-Recreational Activity Supervisor-Wrightsville Unit
3/27/2017-Cindy Musselwhite-Human Resource Assistant-Central Transportation

New Hires

3/3/2017-Anita Crumpton- Sergeant- East Arkansas Regional Unit
3/6/2017-Eddie Allen- Sergeant- K 9 Unit
3/6/2017-Yulanda Lassiter- Administrative Specialist I- Tucker Unit
3/6/2017-Michael Wilson- Sergeant-  Cummins Unit
3/12/2017-Brittany Harness Sergeant Cummins Unit
3/20/2017-Cynthia Brown- Administrative Specialist II- Mississippi Co Work Release
3/27/2017-Susan Brooks-Administrative Specialist I-Mental Health/Ouachita River Unit
3/27/2017-Allison Casady-Administrative Specialist II-McPherson Unit
3/27/2017-Gregg Farley-Maintenance Technician-Construction/Wrightsville Unit
3/27/2017-Lisa Hankins-Human Resource Specialist-AAE/Human Resources
3/27/2017-Alyx Knox-Administrative Specialist I-Cummins Unit
3/27/2017-Synthia Massey-Gray-Food Preparation Supervisor-Pine Bluff Unit
3/27/2017-Valinda Rollins-Substance Abuse Program Leader-Mental Health/Tucker Unit
3/27/2017-Sarah Smith-Fiscal Support Specialist-McPherson Unit
3/27/2017-Amy Tankersley-Licensed Master Social Worker-Mental Health/Ouachita River Unit
3/27/2017-Miyesha Wade- Administrative Specialist I-Delta Regional Unit
3/27/2017-Constance Williams-Administrative Specialist I-Construction


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