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Pine Bluff Complex 2017 Employee Awards luncheon

The Pine Bluff Complex held their Annual Awards Luncheon at the Randall Williams Unit on September 7, 2017. Director Kelley spoke to staff and thanked them for their service. Amongst all the awards given, the highlight of the ceremony went to the late, Lisa Walker who was the Classification Officer at the Pine Bluff Unit when she was named Employee of the Year. A standing ovation across the room was given in her honor.




Vicki Lokey

Vicki Lokey is presented a certificate of appreciation for 20 years of service to the department by Warden Page.

Amy Whorton

Amy Whorton is presented a certificate of appreciaton for 20 years of service to the department by Deputy Warden Outlaw.

2017 Annual Pinnacle Awards


Deangelo Earl, Deputy Warden of the Year

Kenyon Randle, Correctional Supervisor of the Year


Connie Dean, Supervisor of the Year

Abby Rizor, Employee of the Year


        Jeremy Cottrell, Employee of the Year


        Noah Carraway, for Mike Carraway


   Ozell Pace, Director's Citation of Excellence 


   Judy Taylor, Director's Citation of Excellence


   Joe Page III, Superintendent of the Year

The annual Pinnacle Awards was held on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 at the Pine Bluff Country Club. Pinnacles recognize staff for their outstanding work in the operation of the agency. Recipients have already recieved acknowledegment at the annual awards ceremonies held at each unit. The Pinnacle Awards are the highest recognition of achievement within the ADC.

Employee of the Year, Abby Rizor, Grimes Unit

Employee of the Year, Jeremy Cottrell, North Central Unit

Supervisor of the Year, Connie Dean, Pine Bluff Unit

Correctional Supervisor of the Year, Kenyon Randle, East Arkansas Unit

Correctional Officer of the Year, Latoya Eason, Construction

Deputy Warden of the Year, Deangelo Earl, Grimes Unit

Superintendent of the Year, Joe Page III, Tucker Unit

Director’s Outstanding Service Award, Richard Meeks, Construction

Director’s Outstanding Service Award, Mike Carraway, Admin East

Director’s Citation of Excellence Award, Ozell Pace, Varner Supermax

Hero Award, Lance Hall, Maximum Security Unit

Hero Award, Joel Crook, Ouachita River Unit

Award program held for employees, supervisors

The Employee Awards Program was held on Dec. 14, 2016, 2:00 p.m., at the Administrative Annex East Central Office.  A pre-award meal was hosted by Administrative Annex East and Central Office Employee Association.  Those who attended were honored being welcomed by the late Mike Carraway, assistant director.

Awards were presented by Deputy Director Dexter Payne, Assistant Director Mike Carraway, Assistant Director Gail Mainard and HR Administrator Stacia Lenderman.  There were 30 nominees for Employee and Supervisor of the Year awards.

There were an impressive 69 employees who received Service Awards.  Nadine Burkett was the lone recipient of a 40-year award.  Six were awarded for 35 years of service, four for 30 years, eight for 25 years, four for 20 years, 10 for 15 years, 20 for 10 years and 16 for five years.  For a complete list of those awarded for service go here.

You can see a list of all awarded supervisors and employees, and a list of those who were nominated here.


2016 Supervisor of the Year and Employee of the Year Awards

Thirty were nominated for Supervisor of the Year or Employee of the Year awards at this year's ceremony held at the Administrative Annex East building. Here is a list of the nominees and a list of those awarded.


Sarah Apel                  Niva Battles               Bill Beaumont

Nicholas Bradley        David Brewer             Chris Brown

Fred Campbell           Robert Carter             Richard Cooper

Tommy Curry          Teresa Funderburg       Debra Glover

Gwendola Goins        Lance Hall                  Cathy Hardin

Donna Heflin             Sheila Inman              Jamie Johnson-Bradden

Shelly Jones              Miriam Lester             Latosha Mingo

Debra Mosley            Robert Parker             Linda Sanner

Robert Scott              Genia Walker              Melanie Walker

Barbara Williams       Marcur Workman        Carol Yelland


Supervisor of the Year                                     Employee of the Year

Fred Campbell, Administrative Services         Robert Scott, IT

Robert Parker, Health/Programs                     Bill Beaumont, Fusion Center

Richard Cooper, ACI                                           Gwendola Goins, ACI

Barbara Williams, Grievances                           Jamie Johnson-Bradden, Grievances

                                                                              Sheila Inman, SOCNA

                                                                              Chris Brown, Institutions


2016 Service Awards

   There were an impressive 69 employees who received Service Awards. There was one recipient of a 40-year award. Six were awarded for 35 years of service, four for 30 years, eight for 25 years, four for 20 years, 10 for 15 years, 20 for 10 years and 16 for five years. They are:

40 years - Nadine Burkett.

35 years - Monica McFalls, Jeanie Scifres, Wanda Reeves, Shari J. Gray, Rebecca Bice-Landreth and Jusine M. Minor.

30 years - Karen Bottoms, Teresa Funderburg, Fred Campbell and Niva Battles.

25 years - Charlotte Thomas, Lucy Cockrell, Judy L. Taylor, Sherry L. Glover, Gregory Munson, Michael L. Shelton and Barbara L. Price.

20 years - Wozell Stanley, Dwana F. Johnson, Carolyn F. Bolden and Doris Johnson.

15 years - Donna Roberts, Lorece Hart, Jessie Jackson, Diane McDaniel, Lois Williams, Kay Shope, Sandra Kennedy, Roger Murray, Andre Martin abnd Nicholas Reed.

10 years - Johara Mayes, Nick Bradley, Scott Dunn, Joyce Channtel, Cathy Hardon, Becky Thomas, Donna Best, Zach Ives, Falandus Graydon, Thomas Weindruch, Joni Whittington, Mark Marshall, Shonita Cherry, Kimberly Haywood Withers, Ayn Freygang, Shannon Washington, Donna Best, John Wesley Morton and James Chambers.

5 years - Garrett Scifres, Timothy Bircher, Amanda Bacus, Cassondra Jones, Katherine Bradley, Ronald Watson, Craig Jones, Shelly Byers, Joacob Higgins, Kenric Williams, Kedeizsha Matthews Tonya Savage, Teresa Jo Stanton, Foest Witherspoon and Lauren Holstead.

ORCU employee Connie Dunkin

ORCU employee Connie Dunkin receives her 10 year service award from Warden Nurzuhal Faust.

ORCU employee Connie Dunkin

Ouachita River Correctional Unit Captain Josh Crosby

Ouachita River Correctional Unit Captain Josh Crosby was recently awarded the Patriotic Employee Award from the Office of Secretary of Defense/Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.  Crosby is congratulated by ORCU Deputy Warden Thomas Thurst, left, and ORCU Deputy Warden Gary Musselwhite.

Ouachita River Correctional Unit Captain Josh Crosby

Warden Randy Watson

Warden Randy Watson receives the American Correctional Association (ACA) accreditation certificate for the Varner Unit at the ACA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, in January 2016.  Pictured, from left, are Board of Corrections member Buddy Chadick, ACA Commission Chair Lori Ammons, Deputy Director Rory Griffin, Director Wendy Kelly, Watson, Deputy Director Dexter Payne, Agency ACA Manager Sandra Kennedy, Commissioner Kelly Harrington, and Commissioner Lisa Stapleton.

Warden Randy Watson

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