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Grimes Unit Employees Honored at 2018 Awards Celebration

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, the Grimes Unit held a luncheon to honor employees who have worked for the department for three, 15 and 20 years, as well as the recipients of the unit’s annual special awards. Those in attendance enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Fred’s Fish House, and Jon Chadwell from the Newport Economic Development Commission (NEDC) was the keynote speaker. In addition, Phillip Brown of the "I’m Making a Difference" (IMAD) organization made a presentation to the Grimes field crew in recognition of their service to the community. All who took part shared in a wonderful celebration together!

Warden DeAngelo Earl (far right) invited several guests to the Grimes Unit awards luncheon including guest speaker Jon Chadwell, NEDC, Sandra Massey, Arkansas State University-Newport, Newport Mayor David Stewart, Deputy Director Dexter Payne and Jackson County Judge Jeff Phillips.

Warden DeAngelo Earl (left) presented an award of appreciation on behalf of the Grimes Unit to Jon Chadwell of the Newport Economic Development Commission for serving as the luncheon keynote speaker.

Major Maurice Culclager (left) was honored as the Grimes Unit’s Correctional Supervisor of the Year and Deputy Warden Steven Ricketts as the Supervisor of the Year.

The Employee of the Year Award went to Administrative Review Officer Paula Cowell (left) and Lt. Katrina Evans received Correctional Officer of the Year honors at the Grimes Unit.

The IMAD organization presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Grimes Unit Field Crew in recognition of all of their hard work to the community in cleaning up following storms, etc.

ADC Deputy Director Dexter Payne (left), Sgt. Tribble, Lt. Harris and Warden DeAngelo Earl were honored by the award bestowed on the Grimes Unit Field Crew by IMAD.



Doug Dixon, with SATP, was honored for serving 20 YEARS with the agency.

Warden DeAngelo Earl (left) received recognition for 15 YEARS of service to the ADC from Deputy Director Dexter Payne.

Honored for their 15 YEARS of Service to ADC were Cpl. Calvin Carter, Food Production Supervisor William Hammett, Sgt. Carolyn Pollard and Sgt. Timothy Tribble.

Jan Tucker, Commissary Manager, was recognized for her 15 YEARS of service with the agency.

Tanya Higgins, Administrative Specialist II (left), Cpl. Jasmina Morton and Chaplain Tom Bradshaw each received a certificate for THREE YEARS of service to the ADC.

Cpl. Myles Massanelli, Cpl. Daniel Barrett, Cpl. Patrick Carroll and Cpl. Jacob Rodgers also received recognition for THREE YEARS of service.


Sgt. Ronnie Dale Jackson and Sgt. Terra Polston each received 2018 Striving for Excellence Awards.

ADC/ACC Program Specialist Niki Naracon (second from right) was honored with a 2018 Striving for Excellence Award presented by Deputy Director Dexter Payne, Deputy Warden Steven Ricketts and Warden DeAngelo Earl.

Crystal Runsick, Instructional Human Resources Coordinator (left), and Joanna Gomez, Human Resources Assistant, each received 2018 Striving for Excellence Awards, while Tanya Higgins, Administrative Specialist II (center), received an award for THREE YEARS of service to the unit.

Employees Recognized for 30 Years of Service to the State of Arkansas

Three Arkansas Department of Correction employees were recently recognized for 30 years of dedicated service to the State of Arkansas. Thomas Strahan, Mary Taylor and Harold Williams were presented with certificates by Director Wendy Kelley and the ADC Management Team on July 26, 2018. The ADC is truly grateful for all you've contributed to this agency and our state!

Thomas Strahan, Labor Division Manager for Arkansas Correctional Industries,
is pictured with the ADC Director Wendy Kelley and the Management Team.

Mary Taylor, pictured receiving a certificate for 30 years of service to the state from Director Kelley
and the Management Team, currently serves the agency as a Senior Software Support Analyst.

ADC Construction Project Supervisor Harold Williams is recognized by Director Kelley and the
Management Team for the 30 years that he's dedicated to serving the State of Arkansas.

THANK YOU to Harold Williams, Thomas Strahan and Mary Taylor
for your years of outstanding service to the State of Arkansas!

TRCC Star Award Recipients for First Half of 2018 Announced

The Texarkana Regional Correctional Center has recognized two of its staff members as STAR Award winners for the first half of 2018. They are:

1st Quarter STAR Award Winner

Corporal Gabriel Hannah

2nd Quarter STAR Award Winner

Catherine Siders, Administrative Specialist II

“STAR” stands for Service, Thankfulness, Appreciation and Recognition. CONGRATULATIONS to you both for achieving this great honor!

Randy Shores Receives 20-Year Service Award

Major Randy Shores, ADC Emergency Preparedness Administrator, was recognized on June 26, 2018 for 20 years of service to the agency with presentation of a certificate by Director Wendy Kelley and Chief Deputy Director Dale Reed.

Kimeron Hubbard Recieves Recognition for Assisting Communities Affected by Hurricanes

The agency would like acknowledge Administrative Specialist III, Kimeron Hubbard from the Grimes Unit for his efforts in assisting communities affected by the effects of Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria. On August 25, 2017, Mr. Hubbard was deployed to Houston, Texas during Hurricanes Harvey an Irma; and then to San Juan, Puerto Rico on September 8th during Hurricane Maria.  Mr. Hubbard serves as a Logistics Chief with the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). The purpose of NDMS is to support local, State, Tribal and Territorial authorities following disasters and emergencies by supplementing health, medical systems and response capabilities. When tragedies strike and mass medical care is needed, NDMS is our nation’s medical tactical response team.

On December 6, 2017, the Grimes Unit received a Certificate of Appreciation from the NDMS as a thank you for affording Mr. Hubbard the opportunity to be of assistance during and following the disasters of the hurricanes. NDMS stated that “Mr. Hubbard’s contributions to the mission and support to the other NDMS colleagues were exemplary.”



2017 Central Office & Administration Annex East Employee Service Awards

40 Year Service Award Recipients


Jamie Bradden, Inmate Grievance Coordinator                       Kay Skillen, Central Warehouse Supervisor

30 Year Service Award Recipients


 Tina Owens, Administrative Specialist II                                   Johnny Baxter, Corporal


Miriam Lester, Research Project Analyst                                      James E. Smith, Director of Maintenance


25 Year Service Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right, Omie Futch, Donna Heflin, Larry Cyr and Barbara Jackson

20 Year Service Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right, Mary Jones, Shirley Lowe, Gwendola Goins, Regina Gumm and Shelli Hamilton

15 Year Service Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right, Christopher Brown,Scotty Earnest, Tameca Giles, Stephanie Glasscock, and Johnathan Lawrence.

10 Year Service Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right, Carol Yelland, Veatrice McHenry, Ann Teer, and Daisha Holcomb.

5 Year Service Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right, Celena Spears, Charles Bass, April Davis, Corey Lowery, Kathleen Lowery, Jessica Dunn, Kayla Emsweller and Judy May.

3 Year Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right, Alice Miller, Phillip White, Lionel Higgins, Amanda Horner, Zachary Cosner, Sarah Bills and Brandi Hood.

Supervisor of the Year


Tiffanye Compton, Central Office                                              Lamont Wimbley, Admin Annex East

Employee of the Year    


Patti Congleton, Central Office                                                   Cassondra Jones, Admin Annex East

The K-9 Division recieved special recognition for their dedicated service to the Department in 2017.






Kathy Lowery and Amanda Pasley recieve award

Amanda Pasley and Kathy Lowery attended the Relias Learning Conference in Orlando, Florida on October 2--4.Prior to the conference, Amanda Pasley submitted an essay and powerpoint which detailed how the ADC saves money and time by using on-line learning. Amanda and Kathy accepted the "Bottom Line" award on behalf of the Department. Director Kelly and the Management Team acknowledged and thanked Amanda and Kathy for their hardwork and dedication.

Maxcie Foote recognized

Major Maxcie Foote is recognized for 30 years of dedicated service of the Arkansas Department of Correction by Director Wendy Kelley and the Management Team.


Billy Corley recognized

Sergeant Billy Corley is recognized for 30 years of dedicated service to the Arkansas Department of Correction by Director Wendy Kelley and the Management Team.


Grimes Unit Career Service Awards 2017



From left to right, Employees of the Year Deborah Robertson and Tanya Higgins and  Warden's Outstanding Service Recipients Paula Cowell and Major Maurice Culclager


                   Warden Toni Bradley, Supervisor of the Year with Deputy Director Dexter Payne


Warden's Outstanding Service Recipient Tony Garcia, pictured with (from left to right) Toni Bradley, Deangelo Earl and Dexter Payne.


                 Correctional Officer of the Year, Craig Hoover, with Toni Bradley and Dexter Payne.



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