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New Hires and Promotions

June 2017


  6/4/2017-Douglas Boultinghouse Lieutenant Varner Supermax Unit
  6/4/2017-Zachary Gay Lieutenant McPherson Unit
  6/4/2017-JaBreka Massey Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
  6/4/2017-Leo Murray Jr Sergeant Randall L Williams Unit
  6/4/2017-Aviva Smith Sergeant Varner Unit
  6/4/2017-Courtney Thrower Sergeant Delta Regional Unit
  6/4/2017-Charles Walker Sergeant Transportation/Hospital Security
  6/4/2017-Quentin Wormley Food Preparation Supervisor Ester Unit
  6/11/2017-Cody Douglas Sergeant North Central Unit
  6/11/2017-Claudia Harris Deputy Warden Wrightsville Unit
  6/11/2017-Justin Hunt Sergeant North Central Unit
  6/11/2017-Brian Sights Administrative Specialist II North Central Unit
  6/18/2017-Michael Bolen Lieutenant Cummins Unit
  6/18/2017- Misty Callas Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
  6/18/2017-Denise Edwards Sergeant McPherson Unit
  6/18/2017-James Everett Sergeant Cummins Unit
  6/18/2017-Thomas Fenske Sergeant Texarkana Regional Center
  6/18/2017-Justin Fortson Agricultural Unit Supervisor II Farm/Cummins
  6/18/2017-John Herrington Deputy Warden McPherson Unit
  6/18/2017-Corey Lutner Sergeant McPherson Unit
  6/18/2017-Corrice McCoy Sergeant Cummins Unit
  6/18/2017-Cheiana Sykes Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
  6/18/2017-Misty White Center Supervisor Mississippi Co Work Release
  6/23/2017-Arkeama Johnson Lieutenant Randall L Williams Unit
  6/25/2017-Brandon Taylor Agricultural Unit Supervisor II Farm/Cummins Unit 
  6/26/2017-Angela Williams Records Supervisor Ouachita River Unit

 New Hires

 6/4/2017-John Munn Jr Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
 6/5/2017-Marvin Barnett Administrative Review Officer East Arkansas Regional Unit
 6/5/2017-Adam Blair Food Preparation Supervisor Ouachita River Unit
 6/5/2017-Shannon Porchia Advisor Mental Health/Ouachita River Unit
 6/12/2017-Michael Grisham Sales Representative Industry
 6/12/2017-Delilah Ingram Human Resources Assistant Maximum Security Unit
 6/19/2017-Shirley Harris Administrative Specialist I Varner Supermax
 6/26/2017-Corey Johnson Maintenance Technician Construction/Varner Unit


May 2017


5/7/2017-Mary Allen Unit Accreditation Specialist Cummins Unit
5/7/2017-Robert Blevins Sergeant Varner Unit
5/7/2017-Cynthia Brown Business Operations Specialist Mississippi Co Work Release Center
5/7/2017-David Calahan Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
5/7/2017-Kenny Cantrell Captain Grimes Unit
5/7/2017-Alex Cofield Sergeant Varner Unit
5/7/2017-David Conner Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Construction
5/7/2017-Charles Daniel Industrial Supervisor II Industry/Cummins Unit
5/7/2017-Brandy Johnson Administrative Analyst Central Office/Medical Services
5/7/2017-Kimberly Kilpatrick Sergeant Varner Supermax
5/7/2017-Charles Moore Lieutenant Tucker Unit
5/7/2017-Patricia Secord Business Operations Specialist Grimes Unit
5/7/2017-Rosalyn Wilson Licensed Certified Social Worker Mental Health/Ester Unit
5/7/2017-Billy Wright Sergeant  Varner Unit
5/8/2017-Heather Bridges Administrative Specialist II Central Office/309
5/14/2017-Keith Crockett Lieutenant Maximum Security Unit
5/14/2017-David Taylor Industry Assistant Administrator Industry
5/21/2017-Rusty Armstrong Substance Abuse Program Leader Mental Health/Tucker Unit
5/21/2017-Erma Bell Food Preparation Supervisor East Arkansas Regional Unit
5/21/2017-Elmer Boatner Sergeant Cummins Unit
5/21/2017-Shaquille Brown Sergeant Ouachita River Unit
5/21/2017-Jackie Bryant Sergeant Transportation
5/21/2017-Tristan Head Lieutenant Tucker Unit/K-9
5/21/2017-Koleshia Kennedy Program Specialist Varner Unit
5/22/2017-James MacAlla Sergeant Tucker Unit

New Hires

5/1/2017-Sherry Jones Fiscal Support Specialist Purchasing
5/1/2017-Rachel Tillman Administrative Specialist II SOCNA
5/1/2017-Curry Branham Maintenance Technician Construction/Cummins Unit
5/8/2017-Tony Echlin Administrative Specialist I SOCNA
5/8/2017-Lisa Jones Administrative Specialist I North Central Unit
5/8/2017-Melanie Lucas Advisor Mental Health/Hawkins Unit
5/8/2017-Steve Moore Sergeant Maximum Security Unit
5/8/2017-Patricia Perez Administrative Specialist III NW Arkansas Work Release Center
5/8/2017-Anna Walton Computer Support Technician Ouachita River Unit
5/8/2017-Tommy West Maintenance Technician Construction/Cummins Unit
5/15/2017-Cindy Shields Commissary Manager Cummins Unit
5/22/2017-Sonya Henderson Administrative Specialist I McPherson Unit
5/22/2017-Hunter Jackson Maintenance Technician Construction/East Arkansas Regional Unit
5/24/2017-LaShawn Rose Administrative Specialist I Varner Unit
5/28/2017-Lela Pennington ADC Sales Representative Industry
5/30/2017-Emanuel Jerigan Food Preparation Supervisor Ouachita River Unit
5/30/2017-Cheryl Kazlaskas Sergeant McPherson Unit
5/30/2017-Peter Kazlaskas Food Preparation Supervisor McPherson Unit
5/30/2017-Devine Maiden Sergeant East Arkansas Regional Unit
5/30/2017-Tony Pierce Sergeant Maximum Security Unit



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