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Inmate Programs 

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Act 309

Description: Contracts throughout the state of Arkansas for housing and supervision of ADC inmates in county and city jails.
Capacity: Approximately 336 males or females
Requirements: Completion of 6 months in prison request by county sheriff

Exclusions: Inmates convicted of capital murder, first degree murder, sexual offense, or who have attempted escape, or are serving a life sentence or were given the death penalty.
Staff: Central office: 309 Division
Comments: Increases the number of prison beds, reduces cost of incarceration, assists sheriffs with manpower while saving local dollars. Places some inmates closer to their families and heightens public relations with the counties.

Advanced PAL (APAL)

Description: There is a new Advanced PAL (APAL) program at Hawkins for Women that replaced the IFI program when it was discontinued. Advanced PAL is an 18 month pre-release program that combines pre-release with the PAL program.


Description: Allows inmates to be trained in work habits and allows them to develop marketable skills in the areas of: farming, animal husbandry, vegetable, meat, and milk processing
Capacity: Approximately 260 Trusties
Impact: Approximately 2113 inmates annually
Requirements: Completion of 60 day initial assignment and trusty status
Staff: ADC staff
  • Maint. & repair of farm equip.
  • Irrigation management
  • Horse trainer
  • Swine operation
  • Poultry operation
  • Butcher
  • Horse production
  • Rice production
  • Soybean production
  • Vegetable production
  • Vegetable processing
  • Livestock feed manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Fruit and nut production
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Laser aided land forming
  • Furrier
  • Dairy operation
  • Milk processing
  • Meat processing
  • Beef cattle production
  • Green house production
  • Horticulture
  • Cotton production
  • Wheat production
  • Hay production
  • Grain storage & drying
  • Const. & maint. (bldg)
  • Aquaculture
  • Aviary
  • Pecan production
ADC Agriculture Program

Egg Production
Cummins Unit
Cattle Herding
Cummins Unit
Cattle Tagging
Cummins Unit
Gardening Brocolli
Cummins Unit
Vegetable Processing
Varner Unit

Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Volunteer Services

Description: Large parts of the programs are based on volunteers. Additionally, volunteers provide a communication channel with the community and help develop a support network for release. These programs operate at a minimal cost to the state and the facility, bring in positive and salient role models, provide linkages to the community. They generally take place after hours and do not disrupt facility operations. 
Capacity: Open
Impact: 2,000 + individuals per month. Events put on by volunteers tend to attract high inmate participation and interest.
Requirements: Volunteer
Staff: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Alcoholic Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
Comments: Large parts of the Religious services and Substance Abuse programs are based on volunteers. Additionally, volunteers provide a communication channel with the community, and helps develop a support network for release. Operates at a minimal cost to the state and the facility. Brings in positive and salient role models. Provides for linkages to the community. Generally takes place after hours and does not disrupt facility operations.

Boot Camp React

Description: Boot Camp operates at the Tucker Unit for both male and females. Boot Camp is available for inmates who are serving their first sentence in ADC and are committed for fifteen (15) years or less (not all crimes qualify).

105 day residential treatment program.
ADC Boot Camp
Capacity: 100 males, 24 females
  • Voluntary
  • 1st Time Offender
  • Non-Violent Criminal
  • 15 Year or Less Sentence
  • In-State Parole Plan
Staff: 1 Warden
2 SATP Counselors
1 Teacher
16 Drill Instructors
1 Lieutenant
5 Sergeants
  • Military Discipline
  • Basic Education through GED
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Comments: This program is accredited by the American Correctional Association  

Braille and Large Print Program

Description: Transcription of English textbooks into Braille for Arkansas’s School For The Blind and enlarging print of books for legally blind individuals across the State of Arkansas.
Capacity: 15 Inmates annually
Impact: Wrightsville Unit
  • 5 – 8 years left on sentence
  • GED or High School Diploma
  • 6 months Disciplinary free
  • Class I-C status
  • Demonstrates ability to learn, through self motivation, and work with limited supervision.
Staff: ADC staff


Description: Chaplaincy Services offers a variety of denominational/sectarian studies for various faith groups, correspondence studies, free world services held by volunteers, as well as Scripture/Language studies on various topics, special groups such as Kairos, Men?s Fraternity, RETO (Spanish ministry for Hispanic residents at Tucker), READ (Reading Education Advancement at ORU and McPherson), Celebrate Recovery, IBLP, Anger Resolution, Angel Tree (provides gifts to inmate children at Christmas), Christian Motorcycle Association, Character First, Sign Language, and other programs.

College Program

Description: All college courses are taught potentially leading to an Associate of Arts Degree from a higher education institution.
Capacity: Open to self-pay or scholarship students. Approximately 40 enrollment each semester.
Impact: Off campus on unit class enrollment
  • Grimes
  • McPherson
Correspondence on unit enrollment
  • All units
  • GED or high school degree
  • Accepted to the institution of higher learning.
  • Meet financial obligation- scholarship or self-pay.
Staff: Volunteer Coordinator, College Staff
Subprograms: Varies with semester
Comments: Program has been operational since 1998. Night courses are scheduled not to interfere with operation of the institution. Minimal cost to the state. Assist with self-discipline and goal setting, as well as educational and workforce development.

Construction and Maintenance

Description: Teaches and/or maintains construction and maintenance skills through on-the-job training. Used in conjunction as an apprenticeship with Vo-Tech.
Capacity: Approximately 500 inmates daily system wide
Impact: Approximately 1011 annually
Requirements: Completion of 60 day initial assignment, Appropriate security status, Ability to learn a skill
Staff: ADC staff
Subprograms: Carpentry, Masonry, Heating and air conditioning, Plumbing, Welding, Electrical, Heavy equipment operator, Concrete finisher, Painter, Roofer
ADC Construction and Maintenance Program

Construction of Super Max
at Varner Unit
Construction of Super Max
at Varner Unit

Disciplinary Court

Description: Internal justice system for trying and punishing violations of rules and regulations of the Arkansas Department of Correction.
Capacity: Open
Impact: 7,579 inmates; 18,426 Disciplinary Reports in calendar 2005
Requirements: All inmates are covered.
Staff: 4
  • Disciplinary Hearing
  • Counsel Substitute
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Minor Disciplinaries
Comments: Promotes individual responsibility and accountability for actions through a range of sanctions matched to seriousness of offense. Provides rational rules and consistent enforcement which has been missing in the background of many offenders. Increased isolation space will ensure that sentences from disciplinary court are served. Almost all facilities are now videoconferencing.

Food Services

Description: Meal preparation for inmates and staff of the Department
Capacity: Approximately 255, on average, inmates daily work in the program
Impact: Approximately 13,000 meals prepared daily for a year
Requirements: Classification approval
Staff: ADC Food Production Personnel
  • Food preparation
  • Baking
  • Grill Cooking
  • Dishwashing
  • Serving line
  • Steam table operation
  • Safety and sanitation

View the listing of all Inmate Programs.