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Goals and Objectives

Agency Vision

The vision of the Arkansas Department of Correction is to be an honorable and professional organization through ethical and innovative leadership at all levels, providing cost efficient, superior correctional services that return productive people to the community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas Department of Correction is to provide public safety by carrying out the mandate of the courts, provide a safe humane environment for staff and inmates, strengthen the work ethic through teaching of good habits, and provide opportunities for staff and inmates to improve spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Agency Goals

Agency Goal 1:   To maintain cost efficient care, custody, and control over all inmates in an appropriate, safe, humane, and secure environment.
Agency Goal 2: To provide appropriate facilities for inmates sentenced by the courts.
Agency Goal 3: To provide constructive correctional opportunities for inmates to successfully return to the community.
Agency Goal 4: To optimize inmate assignments in work programs.
Agency Goal 5: To attract and retain quality staff.
Agency Goal 6: To insure compliance with all local, State and Federal laws as well as Governor’s   Policy Directives, Administrative Regulations and Administrative Directives, and to provide accountability, integrity and efficiency for all agency operations.

Strategic Plans and Agency Organization

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