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Welcome to the Arkansas Department of Correction Willis H. Sargent Training Academy:

Willis H. Sargent Training AcademyThe ADC Training Academy was established in 1980, with a commitment to contributing to the Department’s success through quality staff training programs. In 1997, the Training Academy was fully accredited by the American Correctional Association. The Training Academy is vital to the Department’s statutory mandate to establish training programs for new employees and to establish in-service training programs. The Academy is responsible for developing a training curriculum that will produce highly trained, professional, and proficient staff throughout the Department. To ensure this standard of excellence the Academy is dedicated to the development of curriculum and instructors. The Academy staff and training associates regularly review, update and revise the training curriculum to meet the needs of today’s corrections professional.

Uniform Issuance: 501-842-8592

Basic Correctional Officer Training

Our current program is six weeks (240 hours) long. The cadets have five weeks of instruction at the Training Academy developing the core skill sets of corrections professionals. Usually during week five, cadets spend one week of “On the Job Training (OJT)” onsite at the cadet's assigned correctional facility observing the duties and role of a correctional officer. During the OJT week the cadet will train with a Field Training Officer (FTO). After graduation the new correctional officer will join their new correctional family and continue their professional development with select certified, specialized and annual training courses.

Our Mission Statement

To instill knowledge and confidence to employees during pre-service and in-service training, providing them with a solid foundation to build a career in the Arkansas Department of Correction.

In-Service Protocol 

The Training Academy wishes to welcome you to In-Service Training. It is our desire that you join us in promoting a professional environment during your learning experience.

Please find listed below appropriate attire for In-service class participation.

  • Shirt- button up or pull over (please, nothing derogatory, offensive or inappropriate for professional correctional staff, no T-shirts, no sports team shirts)
  • Shirt and Tie
  • Slacks – NO DENIM, no holes or frayed edges
  • Dress/Pantsuit- (please, nothing see through, sleeveless or low cut. Length should be professional and appropriate for professional correctional staff)
  • Shoes- (no flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes or house slippers)
  • Uniforms- must meet Department guidelines
  • Headgear- allowed only outside of building (no derogatory or offensive wording, symbols, etc.) ?
  • Sweats/Shorts/Sport Warm-ups - will be considered appropriate only in classes containing physical activities – not during normal In-Service classes.

Smoking is not allowed on Academy property.

Please observe break times and lunch periods.

Cell Phones or Pagers need to be on vibrate or silent while in the classroom.

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for the starting time of a class, or more than 15 minutes late from a break/lunch will be dismissed from the class.

In-service Training Class Schedule

  • In-service training class schedules are updated regularly on ADC SPOTLIGHT (for employees).

Training Information

Academy Staff

 Deputy Warden Fred Campbell
 Deputy Warden
Fred Campbell
Captain Larry Cyr
Larry Cyr
Captain Randy Callas
Randy Callas 
Lieutenant Mark Norris 
Mark Norris

Lieutenant Joi Harris
Joi Harris
Lieutenant Latisha Davis
Latisha Davis
 Lieutenant Martha Lacy
Martha Lacy
Captain Lance Hall 
Lance Hall
Sarah Apel 
Sarah Apel
David Ruff
David Ruff
Sharon Carter
Sharon Carter